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ec_stillness's Journal

Edge & Christian Stillness
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Welcome to EC_Stillness
An icon stillness community dedicated to Jay Reso and Adam Copeland , better known as Edge & Christian Cage.

This community will focus on them in their tag team days, as well as their singles run.

Your Maintainer is - acagedheart Your co-mod is scarlet_braids
- Animation is not allowed
- Only original work is to be submitted
- Only members of the community may submit icons.
- Voting is to stay anonymous, meaning no asking people to vote for you.
- No displaying the icon(s) that are submitted till the icontest is over.
- Icons must fit LJ standards, i.e. 100x100, less than 40kb & JPG or PNG format.
- Permission from the creator must be gained before using the icon.
- Submissions are to be made using the following format...

If you'd like to affiliate with ec_stillness, leave a comment here.

tnastills tapout100 wwe_lims


Please feel welcome to take a link button from below, upload to your server and add the url for the community ( http://community.livejournal.com/ec_stillness/profile )

Credits & Thank You's

Screen caps, if not my own, are used with a huge thank you from

blondewashed | christianspeeps | wrestling_caps | Jay-Reso.com | Adam-on-the-Edge.net | and verious image searches across the net

Idea for this group came from scarlet_braids with cj_stillness. Thank you :)
Layout profile code thanks to SpaceGraphics